Network seminars

Network meetings

24-25 May 2011, Gray’s Court, York, England: Field analysis, boundary drawing and socio-cultural inequality  Agenda. Papers.

13-14 April 2010, Milton Keynes, England: Cultural capital: gender, nation, ethnicity.
This workshop will take seriously the diverse claims about a new social heterogeneity with multiple hierarchies - claims that challenge the supremacy given to class structuring within earlier analyses of cultural consumptions. The complex intersections between class, gender and ethnicity (and possibly also generations) will be explored. Main responsible for the workshop: Tony Bennett.
See agenda, Papers presented.

18-20 November 2009 in Manchester, England: Cultural legitimacy and class domination.
Bourdieu's class model resides on the assumption that the lower classes recognize the superior classes'? culture (lifestyles, consumptions etc.) as superior to their own. This assumption has been questioned, as many scholars find popular culture to have its own standards and hierarchies. Does a commonly recognized "good taste" exist today? This can also be related to the role of public cultural institutions, and to whether human sciences and the arts have lost their legitimacy. Main responsible for the workshop: Alan Warde. Agenda, Papers presented.

April 21-22 2009 in Bergen, Norway: Comparative and methodological issues.
Analyses of survey data from several sources, both internationally conducted and those carried out in the participating countries will be undertaken with the purpose of comparison.  There will be discussions of different statistical approaches as well as of the contribution from respectively quantitative and qualitative methods. Main responsible for the workshop: Johannes Hjellbrekke. 
See agenda, participants, Papers presented.

27-28 October 2008 in Aalborg, Denmark: Cultural capital and class.  
Comparison of findings and theoretical discussions. Is it possible to identify forms of cultural capital resembling those described in Distinction? And if yes: what are their character and role? What is their contribution to the formation of classes? What is the relationship between lifestyle differences and the formation of social classes? Main responsible for the workshop: Annick Prieur.
See agenda. and see list of participantsPapers presented.

29-30 May 2008 in Manchester, England: Putting Pierre Bourdieu to work.
The workshop is designed for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers conducting social research deploying Bourdieu's concepts. There will be five themes: class, culture and consumption; the body; gender and household; ethnicity and nationalism, and the state and neo-liberalism. Many network members will meet here, but there will also be other participants. The financing of this meeting is not applied for in this application, because it is covered by the University of Manchester. Organisers: Mike Savage and Loïc Wacquant (University of Berkeley).